About Galaxia Group

Galaxia Group is cluster of companies working to provide a variety of services in the tourism sector across the Middle East.In 1989 we were just one small startup. Today we are a collection of companies with offices across Egypt and online service centres working to ensure the Middle East is a welcoming and accessible destination for millions of tourists and travellers across the world.

Our Values


We’re an open book. We believe that travel shouldn't be complicated at all. We always deliver what we promise. Simple as that.


We harness the power of the best and newest technology to ensure we’re always evolving to become faster and more efficient.


It’s not just about facilities, it’s also about challenging. We never stop innovating, seeking to renew the region appeal to avid travelers.


Only the best for you. Your travel experience is of paramount importance to us. We provide speedy consistent services.


Sustainable Tourism. We offer empowering tourism. We do our best to support local businesses and small-scale entrepreneurs.