10 Beaches in Egypt You Have to Visit!

When you think of Egypt, the only landmark that pops into your head might be The Pyramids -and rightfully so, but there is so much more to Egypt than meets the eye. Egypt has more than 20 beaches, and they’re all different in their own way. Here are the best 10 beaches in Egypt, so you can discover for yourself some of the most magnificent sandy beaches in the world.

10. Fjord Bay, Taba

Taba is located on the Red sea near the border of Israel. This piece of heaven is a must-visit for diving enthusiasts! What makes this place so unique is the massive corals located deep in the sea. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of different kinds of fish and an unbelievable marine life.

9. Nuweiba

Simple, chill and low-key. These 3 words are what best describe the beautiful beaches of Nuweiba. Located on the Gulf of Aqaba, near Sharm el Sheikh, Nuweiba’s bedouin lifestyle and sparkly beach will leave you speechless.

8. The North Coast, Alexandria

One of the most outgoing places in Egypt is the North Coast, the shiny Mediterranean sea and the warm weather of Alexandria is just what you need for a perfect tan and a stress-free vacation. The North Coast is also known for its spectacular nightlife, so make sure you pack something suitable for a once-in-a-lifetime party!

7. El Gouna

Located in the Red Sea, El Gouna is known for being one of the most stylish yet cosy places in all of Egypt. If you’re looking for a place to take your family, El Gouna is the place for you! From scuba diving & kite surfing to chilling on one of the many natural lagoons, El Gouna has it all!

6. Sharm el Sheikh

Diversity at its finest. Sharm el Sheikh is rich in both culture and in activities. The marine life is no exception either, rare fish and colorful corals are found in every inch of this clear sea -not to mention the perfect weather all year round!

5. Ras Abu Galoum, Dahab

Ras Abu Galoum is a brilliant choice for those interested in diving and a traditional Bedouin lifestyle. There’s nothing fancy about Dahab and usually that’s not what people are after while visiting this place, everyone that goes to Dahab is seeking peace of mind and relaxation. If that’s what you’re looking for than Dahab will be perfect for you!

4. Agiba beach, Marsa Matrouh

Ever look at these screensaver pictures where the water is so clear you can see your reflection? Well Marsa Matrouh is exactly that! Located on the Mediterranean Sea, this place is a piece of heaven on earth. Did we mention that you can also learn to surf there?

3. Soma Bay

Located 1 hour away from Hurghada, this new resort is exactly what you need if luxury is what you’re after. The self-contained resort is completely surrounded by the sea and is well known for having 365 days of warm sunshine.

2. Sahl Hasheesh

Less than an hour away from Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh has some of the most elegant resorts in the Red Sea. The water is so clear, you don’t have to buy snorkeling gear, you can literally just look down and see the colorful schools of fish swimming around your legs.

1. Mahmeya Island

Spend the day snorkeling among the coral reefs and underwater gardens in the most picture-perfect part of the Red Sea. An easy 45-minute boat-ride from the recently renovated Hurghada Marina, Mahmya island offers visitors the perfect beach day offering a variety of different activities as well as a great restaurant that serves delicious fresh seafood. Get ready for a fully packed day surrounded by beauty and first-class service.

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